The Round Room is not just a beautiful place to do business but is incredibly versatile, practical and offers a blank canvas, which allows you to put your brand front and center.

The Round Room offers a unique setting with a wonderful array of branding options.


Showcase your brand to your clients, employees or potential customers on arrival at your event with:

Custom-branded entrance flags

A Gobo displaying your logo

Or really make an impact with branded event arches.

Balcony posters

Our unique balcony posters are a fantastic way to have your brand as a focal point during your event. Perfect to display your logo or images relevant to your company or event. Even when attendees are focused on the stage, using our Balcony posters provides an interesting backdrop for your event.


The Round Room offers rigging points around the circular venue, which allows for additional branding options. Why not highlight your brand with customized banners as a focus point at the stage?


With over 60 LED lights, the Round Room delivers the latest in atmospheric lighting and allows you to light your event with any colour on the spectrum.

We have multiple lighting options available including pillar and wall LED lights, changeable room washes and personalised logo gobos.
Creating an event in your brand’s colours will make an everlasting impression on all your attendees.

For more information on our Branding packages contact a member of our events team:

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