How To Make A Conference More Interactive

With today’s technological advances, Conference-goers have very high expectations when it comes to attending an event. People are looking for an experience rather than just a monotone speaker and PowerPoint Presentation. They want a completely immerse experience, even when it’s a Virtual Event. They want access to exclusive material and insights that they cannot get anywhere else. Here are tips on how to host successful interactive events.

Hire a Professional Moderator

If you really want to make your conference stand out, it is worthwhile investing in a professional moderator who is experienced in giving insightful and engaging discussions to audiences. A moderator must be able to:

  • Collect the audience’s questions
  • Keep to time limits for discussions
  • Give their input
  • And much more!

For a virtual event, the moderator must still be able to be exciting and engaging, even if it means telling a few jokes to keep the audience engaged!

Live Polls

Live polls are a fun way to actively engage your audience, as people love to compare their opinions to those of others. Incorporating real-time polls into your conference is simple, thanks to Social Media. You can easily create a Facebook poll, Tweet a poll or Instagram story poll during an event. Live Polls are perfect for virtual conferences, as many video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, have this feature.


It is always a great idea to include time for a Q&A at a conference. Nothing is more boring to an audience that sitting and listening to a speaker for a couple of hours with no two-way interaction. Q&As make the event more exciting and enables the audience to give their own take on the discussion. It is an easy way to get your audience involved without causing any major disruption to your event. Even for virtual events, attendees are often asked to Tweet their questions or send their question via a video conferencing platform.

Breakout Sessions

Offer your audience to attend a small meeting on a specific topic they are interested in. Smaller breakout sessions are great for a more personal experience. This gives the conference attendees to participate more actively. Many people feel more comfortable sharing their ideas with a smaller group of people than with a whole conference. For virtual events, breakout rooms are accessible on video conferencing platforms. It’s a great addition to virtual events as it will allow the audience to brainstorm and delve deeper into topics.

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